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Please come in and visit our friendly staff, we are confident you will not be disappointed.

We stock all the major and hard to find brands of cigarettes, tobacco and cigars.
We also stock a large range of lighters, cigarette papers and filters.
Call in and browse our extensive rage of zippo lighters, pipes, novelty gifts, incenses cigarette cases and smoking accessories.
"John's Fags which has been suppling smoking products to the people of Redcliffe Peninsula for many years is a great company with friendly people who love tobacco, cigars, & cigarettes, they pride themselves in the products they have brought to their customers."

Some facts from history...
From the very beginning tobacco has been produced for pipe-smoking, chewing and snuff.
Cigarettes became known in the early 1600s and had been around in crude form. Cigarettes became widely popular on American market only after the Civil War In 1882, the cigarette was a specialty item, which was made by hand and sold for a penny a piece.
On one hand, cigarette companies spent a lot of time during recent 50 years denying any connection between smoking and disease. On the other hand cigarette companies spent lots of time and money to develop "safe cigarettes". The "safe cigaretes" needed to satisfy smokers demands for taste and nicotine delivery, as well as to soothe public health concerns. In 1950s, Phillip Morris(manufacturer of Marlboro), researches saw the potential of "safe cigarettes" and even suggested that the cigarette company would still increase its fortune by admitting that smokes were harmful. That would have given the leading cigarette company to attack their opponents who did not have safer cigarettes.
As always we are glad to offer you wide range of cigarettes to smoke.

Freechoice Margate Redcliffe
Freechoice Margate Redcliffe
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#    We carry all the major Cigarettes, Tobaccos & Cigars
#    We have a great range of Tobacco Accessories
#    We Retail and Wholesale Call Now for Supply.
#    We sell cold cans of drinks ALL YEAR ROUND

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